Behind Every Tree Beneath Every Rock

Behind Every Tree Beneath Every Rock

For Alex, fulfilling a promise to his dying father to scatter his ashes at the family cabin is like a journey back in time, and he hopes to find some part of him there to awaken him from his numb existence. But in a world on the verge of ecological collapse and increasing poverty, and with his own health declining rapidly, any journey is perilous. And the mountain he remembers holds dangers he never would have imagined.

"This book will fire you up in all the right ways. Unless you're a gun-toting racist bully, then stay the hell away from it. You'll eat your sins on every page of this blood-soaked tale of eco-horror, family trauma, and transformation so bizarre you'll never see a forest the same way again. Now that I think about it, if you're into acts of bigotry you should definitely read Michael Tichy's debut novella: It's a warning that your time is coming."
--Charles Austin Muir, author of the Splatterpunk Award-nominated This Is a Horror Book

"Behind Every Tree, Beneath Every Rock starts off as a slow dirge and explodes with a
vengeance into a psychedelic environmentalist kaiju story. Unexpected, lovingly crafted, and
alive with rich verdant detail."
-Joe Koch, author of The Wingspan of Severed Hands and Convulsive