It's 1993 and the fires are spreading…

by Evan Dean Shelton
is a black metal gangsta rap metafiction weapon forged in the fire of bad ideas, tempered in ink and blood.

A song of sorrow.
A song of the street.

You will get knocked down.
Your heart will receive the knife.
Your consent is not required.
You are not safe.
Now or ever.

Originally printed in IN THE SHADOW OF THE HORNS: A Black Metal Horror Anthology Vol I…this expanded edition of CHURCHBURNER comes with a reprinted excerpt from occult grimoire, Codex Aversum by Caine Del Sol, with essays from Caine Del Sol and Evan Dean Shelton.
This book is a work of horrific metafiction.
A fictional representation of a real spiritual entity, and the means to contact that entity directly.
You are not safe.
Now or ever.

"Cvlt Edition" comes signed and sigilized in blood, with…

Bone pendant…

Dimebag of grave dirt…

Lvx Nigredo by Grave Gnosis on cassette…

A copy of the Codex Aversum (the grimoire of the Grave Gnosis coven, the system of vedantic nihilism) bound in red linen with gold foil sigil of the crossroads…

Only 9 available.